Tribute Bands

The phenomenon with Tribute Bands seems to be increasing ever more with the prices of seeing the original artists getting higher and higher. With Tribute Bands you can see and listen to great bands performing sets to the original artists but at a much more cost effective price. Fake Bands has been providing Tribute and Cover Bands to venues all over the UK and private functions for those to enjoy listening to such bands as Rolling Stones Tribute Bands, Beatles Tribute Bands right up to modern day Tribute Bands such as Coldplay Tribute Bands and Greenday Tribute Bands.

Not only does the music sound like the real thing the bands look like and act like the real thing too! A great tribute band will have studied the look and the movements along with their sound to give the audience the closest thing possible to seeing the real band. With a tribute band you get to hear the bands greatest work as tribute bands set list consist of all the hits of the band they imitate.

Tribute Bands on more than one occasion have actually stepped in for the real band at certain times for one reason or another. Sometimes a certain member of a tribute band will be asked to perform on stage with the real band as they are the most qualified person to fill the shoes of perhaps an ill artist or just the fact that they are able to perform the music in exactly the same style of play as the real artist.

Oasis tribute band No Way Sis took the notion of tribute bands a step further in 1997 by achieving a UK, top 20 hit single with their rendition of 'I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing'. In addition to this, the band were asked to step in for Oasis and play to a sell out audience in Paris after Oasis cancelled.

Fake Bands tribute and Cover Band Agency can cater for all events and can find the right Tribute or Cover Band for your event, the website allows you to view pictures and listen to soundclips of the bands music before you book.

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