Cover Bands

Cover Bands are different to tribute bands as they do not look like a specific band or stick to a certain band to imitate such as Beatles or The Rolling Stones. A Cover Band will play all sorts of different songs in their set list, they may perhaps have a theme (70's, 80's) but they will play all types of songs from the theme. Otherwise Cover Bands play all types of music ranging from early 60's right up to modern day. They are normally booked to perform at weddings, parties, functions etc where the audience is a mixed age and would like to hear all types of music.

Some cover bands like to give more than just performing cover versions of other peoples music and they will dress up for certain songs like the artists they are covering. These bands give the audience something else to look at whilst the band are performing and can be great in a party environment.

Other types of cover bands are those who are tailored to a specific genre or function, probably the best to describe this is a cover band that performs the music of James Bond themes. A James Bond Cover Band will play all the theme songs to the James Bond films and is ideal for a James Bond themed party or event where you want to create that specific atmosphere for the event. A band like that would also perform other covers late into the night for guests to dance to but their main theme would be to re-create the James Bond effect by performing covers of title film scores.

Soundalikes are simply single artists who perform to playback tracks. They have no band with them they purely perform on their own using backing tracks to sing along to. These are obviously cheaper as there is only one person. Examples of soundalikes are Elvis Impersonators, Kylie Impersonators, Robbie Williams Impersonators. They are very effective for those on a lower budget and also for those with limited space for entertainment in a function room.

Fake Bands tribute and Cover Band Agency can cater for all events and can find the right Tribute or Cover Band for your event, the website allows you to view pictures and listen to soundclips of the bands music before you book.

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