The Beautiful South tribute band The Beautiful Sound


The band was formed in 2005 by vocalists Steve Place and Hannah Bowie. Guitarist and Vocalist Russ Walker, quickly recognising a good thing when he saw and heard it, joined very soon after and the search began to find like minded musicians who were up to the task of paying tribute to the bitter sweet lyrics and anthemic melodies for which The Beautiful South had become so loved and well respected.

There followed many auditions and lengthy rehearsals in a determined attempt to do the material full justice and, eventually, the band was launched and quickly began gigging regularly all over the UK. As a 6 piece, (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard and two Lead Vocals) the band rapidly became firmly established as one of the UK's most in demand tribute acts and performed at many of the country's top tribute venues including:

The Limelight, Crewe
The Robin 2, Bilston
The Sands, Gainsborough
The Tackeroo, Cannock
The Queens Hall, Nuneaton
The Diamond, Sutton in Ashfield
The Rock Cafe 2000, Stourbridge

Featuring breath-taking vocal harmonies and powerhouse instrumentation, the band toured the country tirelessly, delivering faithfully and accurately all of the dynamism and energy for which the Beautiful South shows were so well renowned.

Steve Place (Lead Vocals) had long dreamed of presenting the show featuring a full horn section and, during a natural break in band activities and following Hannah's decision to retire from performing, he decided to set about trying to recruit brass players who could take the band to the next level in terms of even more accurately reproducing The Beautiful South sound live.

Auditions and rehearsals soon followed and the band has now re-launched as a 9 piece unit (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, two Lead Vocals, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Trumpet) impeccapably fronted by original members Steve Place (Vocals) and Russ Walker (Guitar and Vocals) and featuring the stunning Lead Vocal talents of Liz Bufton and Neil Thompson, who joined the band in early 2007, on Electric Bass.

And a few reviews of the band.....

Great to be there - an excellent show. Superb set list - Really enjoyed hearing The Woman in the Wall.

Was at the Featherstone Rovers show last night! Wow! I'm blown away by you guys (and gal)!
Still got the grin factor the next morning and I wouldn't even call myself a BS fan although I do like their stuff.
Don't know how you rated that gig in your scheme of things, but I rated it as one of the best shows I've ever been to.
Can't wait to see you all again somewhere cos you sure do rock!
And you all seemed so nice too dammit !!

Carlsberg don't do tribute bands...but if they did it would be in the shape of you guys...!

Thank you so much for another great night last night in Ellesmere Port. xx

Great gig at The Castlefields on Saturday night...There were so many people that there was hardly enough room to dance..100 audience participation..! Fantastic to hear Build for the first time...and Woman In The Wall just gets better and better..! Well done..! xx

Travelled to the gig at Featherstone (60 miles round trip) and got through the door just as the man put the Sold Out signs on the door! 30 seconds later the couple behind me would have got the last 2 tickets and I would have missed out on the best gig ive been to in years! Brilliant band, keep it up!

Saw you guys at the Roscoe last night. Cool as fck! Not a great turn out but you played like you were at wembley arena! I've seen the Southmartins play the Roscoe in their heyday and I've seen The Beautiful Couch and you're the best yet. Instrumentally awesome and vocally perfect. The bloke on the door said you'd only been on the road for 2 years and I didn't know what to expect, but I needn't have worried. I was hooked from the first song to the last. My favourite TBS track is My Book and you did a superb job of it. Caravan of Love was stunning, I saw the Housemartins in 1988 in Leeds and they sang it too. Your rendition was as good, if not better. Can't wait to catch you again some time. Fkin awesome!!

Hey guys...What a night The Tackeroo was...Excellent venue and you guys were on top form...! Never seen so many people dancing and singing along...just shows how great you are...!
See you again soon.

Many thanks from all who were at York Acorns Rugby Club last Friday to witness surely what must be one of the UK's best tribute bands. The club has rarely been as full as early as it was and all were treated to one of the best evenings entertainment for many a year. Total profesionals and lovely people. Everybody has been pestering me as to when the band will be back. Hope to see you all soon.

Best band Ive EVER seen and i've seen a few in my time. You made quite a few people very happy at the York Acorns. Brilliant.

140 miles from Birmingham to see you at the Ideal Standard and well worth it. Great night. See you in Bilston in March if not sooner

Great gig at the Castlefields on Saturday night. There were so many people that there was hardly enough room to dance. 100 audience participation fantastic to hear Build for the first time and Woman in the Wall just gets better and better. Well done!!

Fantastic night at the Nags Head Nuneaton. The guy with his trousers down was with us. Does the same thing at all the South gigs he goes to!!

A fab night at Hinckley with the Sound, very receptive bunch, chilled out talented band, which is in the spirit of the original TBS. Hoping to book them for the big 40 next year.

Last night at the Nags Head was excellent too. I said I wouldnt be able to dance but as soon as the music started I couldnt help myself. I have never seen a man crawl along the floor with his pants down before at a South gig..Sooooo funny.

Just like to say thanks to you guys for a FANTASTIC weekend. You were brilliant at the Charity gig on Saturday and Im sure you now have the admiration of a lot more hardcore South fans!! Thank you for helping to make the event such a success. And you absolutely rocked again at the Nags Head. Moshing of the highest order and brought back memories of many a South gig. Well done guys!!

What can I say? I was speechless last night. You didnt let me down, you blew me away.Ive seen the South many times and, as far as I was concerned, you WERE the South. One tiny criticism though where was Woman in the Wall? Having said that, if thats the only thing Ive got to gripe about, its a needle in a haystack. Look forward to seeing you again. You were fabulous.

What a FANTASTIC night at the Limelight Club Crewe on Sunday. You guys were brilliant once again and the venue, like the band , was superb.

We had a fantastic time on Saturday and were treated to another gig on Sunday afternoon at the Grouse on the way home. I dont know of any other band that could sound so great at an outside gig. I just wish we had a bigger garden!! What a brilliant weekend. Thanks everyone

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