Britney Spears tribute band Michalea Weeks


Michaela has been impersonating Britney for five years. In which time she has done a wide scope of activities as the international super star, from appearing on channel 4 as a Britney Bridesmaid for Big Brother stars Lisa & Mario, to creating hype at Britneys Circus Tour in Dublin, Manchester & London in 2009 with fans clambering around for photos. Michaela also made the world think Britney had finally decided to wear some BIG knickers - after her paparazzi run-ins a few years ago! She has worked all over the UK, and was flown out to Los Angeles for the launch of the book Confidential by Alison Jackson, in which she featured.Not only does Michaela enjoy being a Britney impersonator, but she is also a huge fan of the superstar, this makes Michaela work twice as hard to get everything perfect, from her custom made outfits, down to wearing brown coloured contact lenses. Every little detail counts! Explains Michaela. After spending much time mastering the art of being a celebrity lookalike, Michaela progressed onto becoming a Britney Spears Tribute Act. Her show consists of live vocals & replica dance routines, exact to what Britney has performed in her Music videos, on Tour & in her live performances. She performs Britneys latest hits and takes you all the way back to Baby one more time but with a new edge! Her shows are adaptable, so if you have a favourite Britney Song, Michaela can put it into her show just for you!! Michaela has sessions with her professional Choreographer and vocal coach every week to make sure everything is exactly like Britney, and stays at that high standard. Michaela is very passionate about her work.When it comes down to media Michaela is no stranger either, she has appeared on television programmes for the BBC, BBC Three, channel4, Sky, and ITV, including Doctors, The Wedding House, and Stars & their doubles. She has had media coverage in national newspapers and magazines including OK! Magazine, The Daily Mirror, First magazine & Buzz Magazine.She also received international recognition in 2010, when she was featured on Britney Spears Official website. I was so excited, I had no idea I was on there until my friend rang me screaming oh my god, your on Britneys ACTUAL website, Britney knows you exsist!! It was so funny! She appeared on the site after being picked from hundreds of fans and other Britney Lookalikes for a Fuse TV special.

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Set Length

2 x 45 mins