Jamiroquai tribute band Jamirroquai

Jamiroquai Tribute Band
Jamiroquai Tribute Band
Jamiroquai Tribute Band
Jamiroquai Tribute Band


Here is the superb Jay Kay from Jamiroquai look a like Mac Star. Mac has such an uncanny resemblance to the real Jay Kay that even real celebrities think Mac is the real deal when he meets them through his work as an international club DJ. Mac has all the moves and attiitude of Jay Kay and even drives a Ferrari just like the cat in the hat himself.
Mac has performed all around the world as the singer of the tribute band Jamirrorquai and has opened such events as the British Grand Prix, the GT900 and the Scottish Motor Show. He has also introduced many car shows and televised car events.
Mac can be hired as a look a like, a solo artist performing up to 2.5 hours from backing tapes or with a full band (up to 14 piece) performing for up to 3.5 hours of Jamiroquai's best material.
Mac can also be booked with one of his Italian sports cars to make it seem even more like the real deal.

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Feels Just Like It Should

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Past Appearances...

Live on Stage

Live on Stage
Here is a photo of our band on stage at a recent gig. We deliver the closest experience to seeing the real thing and our audiences always have a good time. This night was no exception.


Set Length

1 x 90 mins


Tracks on our Set List

Main Vein
Cosmic Girl
(Don't) Give Hate A Chance
You Give Me Something
High Times
Little L
Half The Man
Corner Of The Earth
Feels Just Like It Should
Deeper Underground
Black Capricorn Day
Mr Moon
Canned Heat
Love Foolosophy
Hot Tequila Brown
Seven Days In Sunny June
When You Gonna Learn
Too Young To Die
Blow Your Mind
Space Cowboy
Virtual Insanity