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Phill Marshall plays Lennon Live as a solo act! Dressed in his signature seventies white suit with flared bottoms, round glasses and wavy hair, Phil is the spitting image of his hero. Add to that the Liverpudlian accent and people are taken back to the era when they felt the essence of John Lennon.Phill thinks people love Lennon for his ideas, his anger, his humour, his desire to change things for the better. In the show, I take people on a dreamy trip through the life of a great man. In my act, I try to look like him, sound like him and act like him. The music, the lyrics and ideals behind Lennon fuel my performance. Phill got his first guitar at the age of eight. A few years later, he listened to his aunt's Beatles records and he was hooked. I was immediately drawn to John Lennon. I identified with his attitude and his rebellious personality. Phil was taught by a Beatles fanatic and the founder member of The Beatles Theatre Show. He later got the role of Lennon. Today, the Beatles4Ever tribute band is Phil's main love, but his Lennon act is proving to be a big hit with audiences too. I'm always amazed at the way Imagine just hypnotises people. Thirty-six years after his assassination and people are still entranced. He just has something, no one can take that way from him. And he's still got it. I'm just the messenger.

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Download this MP3


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2 x 45 mins or 1 x 90 mins


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