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AC/DC, legends in their own right and one of the most exciting and hardest working bands in rock history, have in turn spawned one of the most exciting and hardest working tribute bands on the scene today. Whole Lotta DC are an authentic representation of both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras of AC/DC, providing the full breath-taking stage show loved by all true rock fans. Like a night with one of the ladies celebrated in the Aussie rock gods songs, the Whole Lotta DC experience leaves you feeling sweaty, slightly ashamed and with a bloody great grin across your face. The rhythm section accurately nails the solid four-on-the-floor boogie while a wall of tight-as-a-gnats chuff guitar knocks you off your feet. On top of all that, the unmistakable vocals and charisma of Brian / Bon and Angus's searing lead work and naughty-boy antics including the stripping are recreated in stunning fashion. Now that AC/DC tours are few and far between, Whole Lotta DC offer a chance to get up close and personal with the legendary act and are a must-see for fans. From day one the band have blown away audiences at every venue they have played, from small pubs to large outdoor events, and continue to build a loyal fan base who know they are in for the true AC/DC experience every time they play.

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Past Appearances...

Vivaz Nightclub

Vivaz Nightclub
Here is a picture of lead singer Billy when we performed at Vivaz nightclub in Scarborough earlier in the year. It was a cracking night, a bit hot and a bit sweaty but a great night.


Set Length

1 x 120 mins or 2 x 60 mins


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