About Fake Bands

Fake Bands was formed in 2004 by Jez Lee who has a keen interest in live music and recreating the sound and atmosphere of original artists through tribute bands. Although Jez has never been in a band himself the simple fact that music was a major force in his life gave him the idea to start Fake Bands which he did in 2004 operating from a dial up connection in his bedroom!

Since that day Jez has built up Fake Bands and now operates his business from a modern barn conversion in South Yorkshire which houses all his latest technology so he can keep in constant touch with his bands and clients.

Jez employs his staff locally as he believes that employing local people gives them freedom to work flexibly which brings out the best in his staff.

Fake Bands is equally a happy sending tribute bands and cover bands abroad as they are sending them within the UK. They have won business awards for exporting their goods (bands) to places such as Malta, Ireland, Singapore and Spain, to name a few.

With a strong team and a website equipped to give their customers what they want in an instant Fake Bands are here ready to assist you with your tribute and cover band requirements.

So please take a look around our interactive site to find the tribute band or cover band of your choice and click on "get a quote" and our site will instantly provide you a quote for your requirements, or alternatively call any of the team on Freephone 0800 652 2832, by using the contact form on our contact us page or by email on info@fakebands.co.uk

Thank you

Jez Lee
Managing Director